Connect with nature in a creative artistic way

Maintaining a connection with nature is more important than ever. It has been proven that surrounding yourself with nature not only boosts happiness levels, but is vital to mental well-being.

An innovative and creative way to integrate nature into the interior or exterior of your home is with a living wall composed of annual plants for colorful patterns. Choose from waves of flowers, succulents, herbs and vegetables – the design versatility is enormous. Having a living wall in your home, whether outdoor in your garden or indoor in your living room, kitchen or bathroom, can elevate the overall design of your home. They can provide the perfect backdrop to any area, enhancing framing pools or patios, hiding wood fences or simply to transform any dull room into an attractive and relaxing ambiance, combining health, beauty and freshness. It will become a centerpiece that your friends and family will talk about, praise and envy at the same time.

Residential living walls are generally made up of modular panels, allowing for customizable size and shape and easy replacement of individual plants. Each panel contains a small irrigation tank at the top, and a tray at the bottom designed to hold water and retain nutrients and collect water for maximum neatness. Various systems minimize owner maintenance involvement with timed irrigation and controlled water storage, which decrease wasteful watering. The living wall planters are UV resistant containers and their inserts make pre-growing and planting very simple for interior or exterior applications.

For more information on residential living walls and design ideas for your home, contact our team!

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