Love Fine Art? Check Out This Preserved Moss Masterpiece

When most people think of fine art mediums, they might think of oil paints and watercolors or abstract sculptures. At TrueVert®, however, we think of preserved moss. Yes, you read that correctly: Preserved moss can be used to create stunningly beautiful works of art.

If you aren’t familiar with moss, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is that greenish-brown “stuff” that grows on trees and forest floors. In reality, preserved moss is much different (and much more versatile!) then the live plant you’d find in nature.

What is preserved moss, and why do we use it to create artwork?

Preserved moss is exactly what you think it is: It’s moss that has been chemically preserved to retain it’s both its color and texture. At TrueVert®, our preserved Moss has been grown, harvested, and preserved using a 100% plant-based, biodegradable preservation formula that results in a soft, realistic feel.

In addition, the great thing about preserved moss is that, since it’s no longer alive, it requires virtually no maintenance and will retain its beauty and vibrancy for years to come.

It’s these qualities that make preserved moss an ideal medium for green walls — and for creating stunning works of art. The different colors and textures allow us to create striking, multi-dimensional pieces that practical pop off the wall, transforming the space with natural beauty.

Preserved Moss Artwork at Tradecraft Farms

Take one look at the nature-inspired preserved moss wall we created for Tradecraft Farms in Vista, California, and you’ll see why moss art could be considered fine art, too. Tradecraft Farms, a cannabis dispensary, wanted to create a statement piece that reflected the natural beauty of their plant-based products. And so, we got to work.

The final preserved moss piece is a floor-to-ceiling mural that depicts a botanical motif. Flowers, cannabis leaves, and monarch butterflies stand out against a rainbow background. The overall effect is bright, colorful, eye-catching, and reflects the spirit of the shop.

More Preserved Moss Artwork to Love

While the green wall we created for Tradecraft Farms was large in scale and bold in color, not every preserved moss art piece has to be. Preserved moss is easily customizable and can, therefore, reflect the specific styles and tastes you’re looking for.

One example of popular preserved moss pieces at TrueVert® are preserved moss logos. These custom creations are a great way to showcase “green” brands or just bring a statement-making touch to your company branding.

There are numerous ways to create preserved moss installations, and really, we’re only limited by a client’s budget and their imagination. Preserved moss can be used on everything from small, decorative hanging wall panels to artwork that spans an entire wall. It can be used to spell out words, create shapes, or even used in combination with live plants. The options are virtually endless!

Bring Your Preserved Moss Masterpiece to Life with TrueVert®

Have an idea for fine art made from preserved moss? We can help you bring it to life! Learn more about our preserved moss art here, and how we can create the green art of your dreams. Contact us today to get started.


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