Get Ready: Living Walls are Taking Over Southern California

Southern California is known for its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and now, living walls. From Los Angeles to San Diego, these gorgeous green installations are making an appearance just about everywhere: in restaurants, on building facades, in office buildings and even in residential homes.

While they can certainly be considered beautiful works of art, why exactly are these vertical gardens taking over the Golden State? We can think of a few reasons:

Southern California Embraces the Latest Trends

From the glam Hollywood Hills to city life in Los Angeles and the laid-back, beachy vibes of San Diego, California is just plain cool. The cities here are quick to embrace the hottest trends and are always looking for the next big thing. California is also home to many red carpet and corporate events, which benefit from having these unique installations as decor. As living walls gain momentum in the design and architecture space, Cali is right there to embrace it.

The Climate Allows Living Walls to Thrive

California is known for having a Mediterranean climate, which usually means hot, dry summers and cooler, wet winters. While droughts are common, living walls comprised of water-efficient succulents can thrive in the bright, warm sunshine. There are over 60 plant families that contain succulents, which means the design possibilities are virtually endless. Plus, living walls are  typically outfitted with irrigation systems, so maintenance is a breeze—even in hot, dry months.

Local Businesses are All About It

One of the reasons why living walls are taking over California is because they’ve become incredibly popular with local businesses. From a branding perspective, a living wall offers a unique, eye-catching visual that resonates with customers. In fact, they can completely transform a retail space and set your business apart from the competition. Living walls also offer great photo ops for Instagram-savvy clientele who are likely to tag and promote your business on social media. It’s word-of-mouth marketing at its finest!

Southern California is Home to True Vert

True Vert Vertical Garden Solutions is a premier full-service living wall provider based in Encinitas, California that serves San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. We offer a breadth of living wall-related services including: moss walls, succulent living walls, living wall logos, living wall rentals, garden wall art and drought-resistant landscaping. Thanks to our reputation for quality service and industry expertise, we’re helping spread the living wall love all over the southern half of the state.

If you’re located in Southern California and want to bring the beauty of living walls to your home, office or business, contact us at True Vert. Our experts are ready to bring any project to life, big or small, in the SoCal area.

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