Living Walls Industry News: Discover the Latest in Sustainability & Green Design

When it comes to current events, sustainability and green design are hot topics that continue to make headlines.

At True Vert, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest Living Walls industry news, including sustainable practices, eco-friendly design, plant benefits and more. By staying current, we’re able to deliver the very best service and the most innovative, high-quality materials when it comes to crafting your vertical garden.

This month, we’ve rounded up a few trending topics that made the news. Read on to find out what you need to know.

Gardens Go to New Heights in the Battle for Clean Air

In recent years, cities aim to tackle their pollution problems with the help of living walls and vertical gardens—and the demand continues to grow. Learn why these green walls are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas and what it takes to maintain them.

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Are Climbing Plants Really Bad for Your House?

In this article, Architectural Digest explores whether or not climbing plants, like ivy, are harmful to the facade of your home. Some landscape architects say it depends, while others say it’s fine with proper maintenance. Our input? If you’re concerned about damaging exterior walls, a vertical garden can give you that gorgeous greenery without the risk of harming your house.

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Is This Proposal to Plant 20 Million Trees for 2020 Even Possible?

The #teamtreeproject is trying to get 20 million trees planted for 2020 in an effort to cut atmospheric CO2 levels. In this article, a science professor does the math: Is it actually possible? Check out the article to find out what his calculations concluded.

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Combating Climate Chance with an NYC Rooftop Meadow of Bees & Butterflies

In an effort to address climate change and make the city more wildlife-friendly, a Greenpoint building added a lush meadow to its roof. But this spot isn’t alone—in fact, scientists and officials are calling for residents and companies to “do their part” through complex projects like this rooftop meadow or simpler solutions like choosing native plants for home window boxes.

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California Wildfires

As a company based in Southern California, we’re especially tuned into any news about wildfires and droughts. In this article, the New York Times reports on delayed rains, seasonal winds, and other contributing factors such as climate change that spark these state-wide crises. See what else they had to say about these destructive disasters.

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Green Design Goes Global: Living Walls Around the World

From a college in Singapore to a museum in France, living walls have become increasingly popular around the world. Discover some of the most captivating international creations and see for yourself why everyone globally loves vertical gardens.

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