Introducing the TrueVert® Moss Art Shop

At the end of last year, we launched an online store dedicated to custom moss art creations framed in elegant wood. From small accent pieces to large statement installations, our collection of creative artwork adds long-lasting greenery to any indoor space. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, art lovers, interior design aficionados, or anyone who would love a little greenery in their home, these pieces make perfect birthday, anniversary, or holiday gifts.   

If you’re looking to find something different, memorable, and beautiful that will last for years to come, you’ll likely discover exactly that in the TrueVert® Moss Art Shop. 

Not sure where to start? Here are just a few of our favorite works of moss art from the shop that would make great gifts for anyone on your list.  

Moss Art: Year-Round Gift Ideas for Everyone 

Large or small, moss art makes a statement — and the perfect present. Shop our top picks below. 

About Preserved Moss Art 

Moss artwork is made from preserved moss, which means that the natural material has undergone a conservation and stabilization process. Because it doesn’t require water, light, trimming or pruning, preserved moss is completely low-maintenance and will remain free from any infestations. Thanks to these features, moss walls can last indefinitely, bringing a touch of nature to your space day after day. 

Preserved moss comes in many varieties including sheet, reindeer, pillow, mood and fern moss. It can also range in color, texture and density. From smaller designs, like the moss pieces found in our online store, to large-scale wall coverings, moss artwork can change the look of any space. 

Questions about preserved moss? Looking to commission a custom piece? Contact TrueVert® today for all of your gifting needs.  


From Our Gallery

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Moss Art for Hines Property Management Newport Beach CA
Hines West Tower Moss Artwork
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