Living Wall Rentals, Moss Logos & More: Why Businesses are Embracing Vertical Gardens

In recent years, wellness in the workplace has been a trending topic and a focus for many companies as they seek to attract and retain employees, decrease healthcare costs and improve workplace productivity. A big part of those initiatives is the office environment, as elements like natural light, plants, and greenery have shown to decrease worker stress and improve workflow. It’s also one of the reasons why businesses are taking notice of living walls and incorporating them into the workplace.

Sustainable and completely customizable, vertical gardens can certainly beautify the office, but their benefits go beyond that. Living wall rentals for corporate events and even moss logos are gaining popularity in every industry from restaurants to retail stores. Here are three ways businesses are tapping into the unique advantages of living walls in the workplace:

Moss Logos

As most businesses know, logos are important—they are identifying markers that are unique to every brand. If you’re looking to really make your logo stand out, a moss logo is the way to go. While they can be used as standalone pieces for lobbies, conference rooms, storefronts, and more, moss logos can also be used to enhance your living wall rentals. At the end of the day when the rental is returned, you then get to keep your custom moss logo.

At True Vert, we can create fully customized logos that leave a lasting impression in the office or at special events. If you’re interested in learning more about how our living wall logos can enhance your business, click here.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are vital opportunities for companies to generate revenue, publicity, employee engagement and more, and living wall rentals can take these events to the next level. Cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free, living wall rentals are assembled on the spot by True Vert and taken down after the event is over. Trade shows, employee appreciation events, product launches, seminars, and conferences are just a handful of the happenings that can be enhanced by renting a living wall. Find out more about living wall rentals here.

Office Spaces

Employees often spend eight hours a day or more in the office, so making that space an enjoyable environment can go along way—especially considering the benefits of having greenery in the workplace. Installing an indoor living wall in lobbies, common areas or entrances can help reduce worker stress while creating an inviting, soothing atmosphere. It can also signify eco-conscious values as more and more companies focus on sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices.

Ultimately, businesses are embracing the benefits of vertical gardens because they leave lasting impressions on employees, customers, and clients. From living wall rentals for corporate events to customized green logos, there are many ways your company can make a unique statement.

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