Living Wall Systems

TrueVert BioGrow Living Wall Systems

A living wall always requires a customized solution. Factors such as climate, light conditions, planting preferences and whether it is an indoor or outdoor application determine the best solution for your project. Our very own living wall system is designed by horticulturists and materials experts to grow healthy plants and mount securely on building structures and integrated to promote physical health, long life and dependable sustainability.

TrueVert has designed and installed green walls to industry leaders in business services, entertainment, education, healthcare, restaurants, manufacturing, retail and many residential homes.

Benefits and Applications

  • Paneled system is extremely durable
  • Light weight
  • Very Low water requirement
  • Nutrient dense formulation for plants
  • Customizable sizes and shapes
  • Customizable depth 2” – 4”+
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to plant
  • No soil
  • Rapid plant rooting

Below is an overview of other the Living Wall systems that TrueVert has to offer and use on its projects.

Cork Living Wall Systems

We’re firm believers in their sustainable carbonized cork systems designed for living walls. Carbonized cork is an adaptable material that provides ideal conditions for faster and easier plant adaptation, easy maintenance and long-lasting, thriving plant life. Cortiça Garden took advantage of these qualities using unique patented technology to create the world’s first eco-friendly vertical garden wall system made from carbonized corkboard. The patented system enables plants to naturally grow using minimal to no soil. Automated built-in irrigation also helps simplify maintenance and care, making Cortiça Garden’s systems unlike any other vertical garden systems currently available on the market.

If you are an installer, professional or amateur  you can purchase this innovative green wall system directly from them. To learn more about Cortiça Garden, visit their website

Benefits and Applications

  • Modular living wall systems and edge-to-edge installation mean that the system for each project is fully customizable and can be adapted to fit the size and space requirements.
  • All sizes: Huge, Large and Small Living Walls Installation
  • Natural, environmental-friendly, and 100% recyclable materials create less waste, reduce your carbon footprint,
  • The cork systems are incredibly lightweight and easy to install
  • A wicking irrigation system equals easy maintenance and ensures the longevity of the plants
  • The elastic, flexible nature of the material means it’s able to withstand variations in temperature.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation, Cork is an excellent thermal, acoustic and vibration insulator.
  • Anti-flammable: Carbonized cork is Impermeable to liquids & Gases, Resistant to moisture enables aging without deterioration
  • Decay resistant: Cork is highly resistant to moisture, and therefore to subsequent oxidation and decay.

LivePanel Living Wall Systems

LivePanel in an innovative system – developed and patented by Mobilane – in the field of vertical greenery. The unique modular system consists of various gutters and plant cassettes attached to the wall, with a frame if desired. The unique plant cassettes are simply attached to these gutters and the cloth in the cassettes comes into contact with the water. The roots intertwine with the cloth and the plants receive water and nutrients via a capillary effect. The water level can be kept constant by connecting the system to a water pump. The system can be installed both on new and existing walls and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits and Applications

  • Flexible system for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Creative freedom in design and plant selection
  • Exchangable plant cassettes
  • Contributes to a healthy indoor climate through oxygen production and finedust capture
  • Easy installation and quick assembly
  • Slim and solid construction
  • Temperature and sound insulation proporties
  • Low water use
  • Low maintenance
  • Low odour levels
  • Recyclable

Cortiça 8 - Vertical Wall Planter

Cortiça 8 Living wall planter, is not only beautiful but is perfect for growing herbs and plants inside your home. Ideal for the at-home gardener, it is very easy-to-plant, hang and maintain. Cortiça 8 Living wall planter features eight holes that you can fill with favorite plants.

Cortiça Garden uses 100% natural cork raw material without any additives, and they are produced using environmentally friendly practices. In fact, 90% of its production strictly uses biomass, an organic and renewable source of energy, and any waste or scrap products are 100% recyclable. In addition, quality maintenance inspections are performed every six months in accordance with CSTB standards.


    • Wall mount panels allow to create a Living Wall right out of the box.
    • Easy to plant and Install
    • An increase in productivity and creativity
    • Space-saving solution
    • A playful addition to the living and working environment
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