How Living Walls Can Help Restaurants Transform Outdoor Dining

To say that Covid has impacted the restaurant business is a massive understatement— according to the National Restaurant Association, 100,000 restaurants have ceased operations in the wake of dining restrictions. But many more have pivoted to accommodate diners in creative ways including tents, igloos, and other outdoor accommodations to attract customers. Thankfully, the CDC considers these alternatives on the lower end of the risk spectrum in its outdoor dining guidelines for restaurant operators 

While there are countless modifications that can be made, one trend that is taking root in restaurant patios and rooftop bars across the country is the installation of vertical gardens. At Juvia, a rooftop restaurant in Miami, a 22-foot living wall accompanies stunning views of the city while also blocking out obtrusive noise and filtering out city pollutants for guests. 

From using moss logos for creative branding to providing Instagram-worthy photo ops, living walls have a multitude of benefits for restaurants beyond just aesthetic enhancements. They communicate eco-conscious values, improve air quality, raise awareness about more sustainable initiatives, and amplify the ambiance and overall vibe of your restaurant.  

  • Green Values: One of the quickest ways to attract customers is by communicating your values. 62% of Millennials desire products that convey beliefs they align with, making the phrase “You are what you eat” even more important for restaurants. A living wall with a statement of values or reason for being is a surefire way to create repeat business and create newsworthy buzz.  
  • Breathe Easy: Your outdoor patrons will thank you for your verdant atmosphere, even if they don’t realize it. Plants help mitigate pollutants and actually absorb carbon dioxide, improving the air quality around them. This is especially advantageous for inner-city restaurants and locations in heavy car-centric neighborhoods.  
  • Sustainable Initiatives: Everyone loves a collaboration—adding a living wall is a great opportunity to partner with other local businesses and organizations who promote eco-conscious initiatives. Not only does this forge strategic bonds but also increases the awareness of your restaurant.  
  • Keep Cool: Some southern locations reach a point in the summer where outdoor dining is unbearable, but that can easily be overcome with a well-placed living wall. When placed on an outside wall, vertical gardens can reduce the temperature of that wall by up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit and cool the surrounding area as well.  
  • Social Currency: An Instagram-worthy spot is never to be underestimated. Many, many people will choose a restaurant just for the photo-op at a particular point of interest. When potential diners see those photos online, they flock to these locations to avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) at the new hottest spot in town.  

Whether you’re considering a living wall to add aesthetic appeal to your restaurant or for a greater purpose, one thing is for sure—it will turn your bottom line into the coveted Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit.  

If you’re a restaurant owner that’s interested in commissioning a living wall, contact us today. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know from design and implementation to caring and maintaining your True Vert living wall!  

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