Living Walls with a twist: forever green and maintenance free

When we were asked to present an interior Living Wall solution for the client Underground Studio we embraced it in our usual collaborative style. The scope of the project involved several new and innovative ideas for an interior corporate office environment. The client had wanted their C-Suite lined with live growing vines – full coverage green living walls. However, we quickly realized that the client wanted the plant growth at a rate one would only see in a Harry Potter movie. A fully grown in wall in one month! We saw an opportunity to bring the client exactly what they wanted with Preserved Moss.

TrueVert says “While we knew we could give them a green wall we had to sell them on the idea of a preserved plant rather than live plants knowing this was the only way they could have a fully green solution in the time frame they wanted.”

We quickly fabricated a sample board and made the pitch. They loved the idea and decided to replace their live plant concept with full size moss panels. Additionally, there was another benefit of the preserved moss that quickly became obvious to Underground Elephant – The moss panels are maintenance free. No watering, no bugs, no plant care services to pay for after the install.

Preserved moss is a natural plant product. Growers harvest the plant as in any type of farming. The moss is then taken through a process where the water naturally contained within the plants cells is replaced with glycerin, another natural plant byproduct. The moss is then preserved in its natural state for upwards of five years or more.

The preserving process is not limited to moss varieties. There are several other plant species that can be stabilized in this manner. Several fern varieties as well some succulent and palm species as well can be harvested and saved in their natural state.

We ultimately installed around 600 square feet into their executive board room and surrounding hallways. We even integrated other types of preserved and live plants into the overall look providing a deeper organic feel overall. It really turned into a Win-Win for everyone.