Moss is Boss: Why We Love This Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Material

Looking to add some greenery to your home, office, store, or restaurant? Sure, you could buy a basic houseplant—or you could opt for a masterpiece (or should we say moss-terpiece?) of epic proportions. Because, when it comes to adding beautiful, long-lasting greenery to your indoor space, there’s one material that reigns supreme: preserved moss

In our world, preserved moss is the boss for many reasons. This natural material allows us to create stunning pieces that are low maintenance, completely customizable, and can stand the test of time. Its versatility lends itself to countless creations of all shapes and sizes—from logos and gallery-style artwork to large-scale walls and interior installations.  

The Benefits of Preserved Moss 

In essence, preserved moss is real, genuine moss that has been harvested and preserved using a 100% plant-based biodegradable preservation formula. This results in a soft, realistic feel and allows the moss to hold its appearance for years to come. A few more benefits of preserved moss include:  

Low Maintenance: No water, no soil, no problem! Preserved moss will not wilt, require water or light, and will never release pollen or spores. Because it doesn’t require soil, you won’t have a problem with pests, either!  

Longevity: The preservation method is what makes moss so enduring. The process ensures that its bright, beautiful colors that will last throughout the years.  

Customizable: From the size and shape to the color and design, virtually all aspects of our preserved moss walls can be customized. This means your end result is truly one-of-a-kind! 

Types of Preserved Moss  

All of our Preserved Moss are naturally preserved plants that maintain soft textures, and vibrant colors. Here are some of our most popular varieties: 

  • Mood Moss has a thick, lush and velvety look, and is most commonly used on moss wall art. It’s about three to four inches thick and breaks apart cleanly.  
  • Reindeer Moss is unique in that it is actually a soft lichen and is available in multiple colors. When broken apart, it looks like small, leafless shrubs in the wintertime. 
  • Sheet Moss takes on the appearance of tiny ferns and is about a half-inch thick. It can be cut with scissors or torn apart to form the shape you need. 

Types of Preserved Moss Walls from TrueVert® 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own preserved moss wall or artwork. Here are a few stylistic directions TrueVert® can take when it comes to the inspiration behind your custom piece:  

  1. Inspired by Nature

We could all use a little more nature in our lives. Bring the outdoors in with this multi-textured look that adds dimension to your space. Each wall is handcrafted and completely unique —just like Mother Nature herself. 

  1. Foliage & Decorations

Whether you’re aiming for a tropical oasis or an exotic jungle, get the full-foliage look with preserved leaves, branches, bark, and air plants.  

  1. Stylized Moss

Make a dramatic statement with stylized moss in all shapes and patterns. By combining different colors and silhouettes, we’ll deliver a preserved moss piece that really pops!  

  1. Fine Art Moss Design

Bring your creative vision to life through our one-on-one design process that allows us to create stunning works of art. Whether it’s for a special event, like the piece we did for the Wearable Art Gala, or just a personal design for your own collection, we’ll work with you to bring the “wow” factor.

Like what you see? Download our preserved moss guide to learn more about how TrueVert® can create a custom moss piece of your own.  

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