Preserved Moss Plants

Maintaining a connection with nature is more important than ever and It has been proven, that surrounding ourselves with nature not only boosts our happiness levels, but it is vital to our mental well-being. Interior Green Living Walls with live plants are not always possible because they often require watering and most important, need natural lighting.

With the introduction of Preserved Moss and plants, that have undergone a conservation and stabilization process, TrueVert® Vertical Garden Solutions of Oceanside, California has designed and created stunning Moss Living Walls decor, without the hefty maintenance that usually accompanies an installation of a live living wall.

What is Preserved Moss?

Preserved Moss has been grown, harvested and preserved using a 100% plant based biodegradable preservation formula resulting in a soft to touch realistic feel.

Among the most common types of preserved moss is Mood Moss, with its thick lush and velvety look, is the most commonly used on moss wall art. It’s about 3 to 4 inches thick and breaks apart cleanly. Reindeer Moss is unique in that it is actually a soft lichen, available in multiple colors, when broken apart it looks like small shrubs in the wintertime when there are no leaves. Sheet Moss looks like little tiny ferns and is about a half inch thick. It can be cut with scissors or torn apart to form the shape you need. All of our Preserved Moss are naturally preserved plants that maintain soft textures, and vibrant colors.

TrueVert® vertical garden Solution design-build-install process, will create beautiful, one-of-a-kind wall art and long-lasting Living Walls maintenance free and bring the outside in!

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