The New Office Artwork: Living Walls Take the Workplace by Storm

Over the last decade, many companies began embarking on sustainability initiatives that included things like solar panels, energy efficient lighting, in-office recycling programs, and the like, but in more recent years, a new trend has emerged for companies who want to go green—literally. From Silcon Valley to New York City, major corporations are jumping on the living wall bandwagon, and with good reason: They’re looking to appeal to millennial workers.  

Millennials make up an increasingly large percentage of the working population. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that this demographic cohort will comprise 75% of the US workforce by 2030. Millennial professionals at the top of their game expect office spaces with amenities galore—especially as workers begin to return to the workplace post Covid-19. In order to attract and retain optimal talent, many have opted to install living walls in their lobbies, community spaces, dining areas, and more. The likes of Slack, Ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, Open Table, and countless other household names are counted among the many businesses that now boast living walls in their workspaces.  

But living walls aren’t just bait to reel in a skilled workforce—they come with many other benefits as well. Here’s a look into why these corporations are commissioning living walls for their office buildings (and why you might want to consider one, too). 

Living walls come with many health benefits. 

It’s almost common knowledge that being in nature is good for your health. But if you can’t afford to aimlessly wander around the forest, bringing the outdoors inside is a good place to start. You might see reduced stress, increased productivity, and generally, a more motivated workforce with the addition of office plants.   

What’s more, living walls can improve air quality in the office. Indoor air pollution is no joke: It accounts for a 34% increase in strokes and a 26% increase in heart disease. Living walls can help filter out some of those harmful pollutants, from carbon dioxide to toxic VOCs. 

They appeal to employees’ environmentally-friendly values. 

The threat of climate change has driven companies and employees alike to adopt eco-friendly practices and sustainability initiatives. Living walls are known to cut down on energy costs, but that’s not all—they can also send a visual signal to potential employees that you care about Mother Nature and are serious about upholding your “green” values.  

Employees desire a modern workspace.  

In an increasingly competitive landscape, companies must to everything they can to attract and secure top talent—and that includes having an office with the best amenities employees could ask for. This especially rings true in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco who are home to many well-known businesses. Living walls are just one more asset for companies to showcase to their potential new hires.    

Looking to add a living wall to your office space? Whether you’re hoping to attract millennial workers of your own or you just love the beauty and serenity that a living wall delivers, TrueVert® can help bring your company vision to life. Contact us today to get started!  

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