Large Living Wall System

Cambridge Management installed this stunning succulent wall to cover an unattractive metal panel located by the main entrance of this multi unite apartment complex located just North Of Adams Avenue in Normal Heights, San Diego CA.

TrueVert® proudly serves clients in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, California offering interior and exterior plant decor Living Walls services. Our Green Walls are the perfect decor for Homes, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants or Retails.

Our team has built a reputation for designing green living walls, having industry-best technical expertise based on many years of experience. Our Living Wall Design-Build-Install Process will provide a blueprint unique and specific to your green wall design project.

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Living Wall Rental for World Surfing League Event

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Succulent Living Wall Del Mar CA

Succulents by the ocean: A living wall masterpiece

Partition Green Walls, San Diego


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Succulent Green Walls

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Succulent Living Wall

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Moss Wall Exterior – Residential

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