Small Living Walls – San Diego

Our vertical Living Walls products are art for the walls.  Living walls offer a variety of benefits, many of which lower heating and cooling costs and promote a healthy mental and physical environment.

Truly unique living walls that define and enrich the spaces they inhabit.

TrueVert® proudly serves clients in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles, California offering interior and exterior plant decor Living Walls services. Our Green Walls are the perfect decor for Homes, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants or Retails.

Our team has built a reputation for designing green living walls, having industry-best technical expertise based on many years of experience. Our Living Wall Design-Build-Install Process will provide a blueprint unique and specific to your green wall design project.

Living Wall Rental for World Surfing League Event
Living Wall Breakfast Nook Beverly Hills Ca
Cork Based Living Wall Rancho Santa Fe
Cork Living Wall
Cork and Fern Living Wall
Cork Living Wall
Succulent Living Wall Del Mar CA

Let's talk about your vision

Custom Troughs Patio

Moss Logo

Yoga Store

Moss Art for Office Reception Area

Succulent Walls – Exterior Design

Moss Art for Apartment Lobby

Transforming a large vertical water feature into moss art

Succulent Wall for Hotel Decor

Succulent Walls – Exterior Design Residential

Mendocino Farms, Tropical Plants outdoor Living Wall

Vertical Garden Walls – Soda Swine Bar View

Stunning Succulent Living Wall Design

GoSite – Moss Logo

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