Preserved Moss Artwork

Inspired by nature, our one-of-a-kind Preserved Moss Art are spectacular additions to any room of your home and office. Preserved Moss retains its sculptural softness and texture as each work of art is custom made with exceptional care and craftmanship by our team of artists. From urban interiors to rustic décor our Preserved Moss Art is perfect for any space.

We have launched an online store, to make it easier for you to purchase Moss Art without having to commission a custom moss frame.
Each Moss frame displayed in our store is made with the highest standards, and exceptional care by our artists.

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Every piece of Moss Art is handcrafted guaranteeing a unique work of art every time.

TrueVert is committed to bringing the highest quality Preserved Moss Art.

TrueVert is committed to bringing the highest quality Preserved Moss Art.

Real preserved 100% natural moss.

No maintenance. Requires no light, watering or trimming, and makes great gifts.

Made with love.

What is Preserved Moss Art?

Preserved Moss Art uses naturally preserved moss to provide an entirely new layer of dimensions to each piece.

Preserved moss is not limited to just one variety. Among the most common is Mood Moss which boasts a lush and velvety look. Reindeer Moss, a soft lichen, comes in a variety of colors and look like spongey cotton balls. Reindeer moss can also be ground into a powder to create intricate fine artwork. Sheet Moss creates a sea of emerald that is used to create the backgrounds on the art.

Each preserved moss lends its unique quality to every Preserved Moss Artwork crafted by TrueVert.

If you wish to discuss a custom Moss Artwork, please contact us. We can't wait to hear about your vision