Succulent Living Walls

Having a Succulent Living Wall in your home, whether it is outdoor in your garden or indoor in the living room, kitchen, or even bathroom, it will elevate the overall design of your house. It will be something all your friends will talk about, praise and envy at the same time.

A beautifully designed succulent Living Wall can provide the perfect backdrop to any area in your home, enhancing framing pools or patios, hide wood fences or simply can transform any dull room into an attractive and relaxing ambience, combining health, beauty and freshness.

SucculentLiving walls are generally made up of modular panels, allowing for customizable size and shape and easy replacement of individual plants. Each panel contains a small irrigation tank at the top, and a tray at the bottom designed to hold water and retain nutrients and water collection for maximum neatness. Panels are also designed to attach drip lines for easy outdoor maintenance.

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