TrueVert Inc. Announces the Display of Latest Fine Art Installation

Encinitas, Ca — October 4, 2019 — TrueVert Inc. is pleased to announce the installation of a one of a kind, large-scale fine art moss piece in Tradecraft Farm’s newest location in Vista. Using a blend of preserved moss and other flora, the piece portrays a sunset landscape teaming with butterflies, hummingbirds, and cannabis leaves. This work of art will make an impression on those wanting a natural look for their office, lobby, or living space.

“It’s absolutely stunning to look at.” said Georges Fortier, Founder at TrueVert Inc.

Creating the Art

Tradecraft Farms, a premier cannabis company, commissioned the first of its kind Moss Art for its newly opened store in Vista, Ca., the first dispensary in North County under Vista’s Measure Z. The 9-by-12-foot piece, designed and created by Senior Designer Jana Kang, will be prominently featured inside Tradecraft Farms’ new store. Designed to tie in the sunset and butterfly motif prominently featured on the store’s facade, the piece sits on a curved wall to be viewed from all angles.

By shredding dyed moss, Kang creates works of art with intricate detailing and shading that provides an amount of definition never seen in moss art. Each plant and animal were applied by hand totaling more than 80 hours of work.

“This will take us to a whole new level,” said Brian LePard, Principal of TrueVert Inc. “Our developed technique of color blending moss and other natural materials moves us into the world of fine art.”

Moss Art Availability

Moss Art is a breakthrough medium for TrueVert Inc. Each piece of art is a custom commissioned product. Senior Designer Jana Kang Collaborates with each client to bring their vison to life. Contact TrueVert at (877) 397-5387 or visit the website for more information.




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