Wedding Ideas: Three Ways to Incorporate Vertical Garden Walls into your Wedding

Wedding planners, your job is to create a magical and memorable day for your clients as they tie the knot. Many of your clients count on you to advise them on unique and special décor that can set their weddings apart from the rest. One beautiful and captivating wedding centerpiece could be a vertical garden wall, (also known as a living wall).

Living walls have started to pop up at weddings across the country and the world. They add beauty and sophistication to the proceedings and help express the hope that love will keep growing between the couple.

If you’ve ever wondered how to incorporate a vertical garden wall at your next wedding, here are three excellent wedding ideas:

1.   Living Wall Welcome

Set the mood of the occasion by putting your living wall at the front of the wedding venue. Add a sign to the living wall that welcomes all guests to this new and happy occasion. The beauty of renting a living wall is that you can ask for it to be constructed on a moveable platform. This way, after all the guests arrive, you can move the living wall into the reception hall. Switch out the welcome sign to a sign celebrating the new couple! You can even place the wall behind their table to add a beautiful burst of color to the reception hall.

2.   Photo Wall

A vertical garden wall can help you create an unforgettable night by offering a gorgeous backdrop for wedding pictures. Place your living wall in an appropriate spot in the reception area, and then encourage your bride, groom, family, and other wedding party members to snap lots of pictures.

A living wall can also provide an excellent photo opportunity for guests. Photo booths at weddings are getting a little old, but living walls offer a special and glamorous backdrop for all wedding guests to take excellent group photos and selfies.

3.    Wedding Arch Replacement

Many brides and grooms love the idea of having something beautiful and transfixing at the end of aisle. This is why so many weddings include wedding arches decorated with gauzy fabrics and flowers. A living wall is an entirely new and refreshing take on this idea. Now, the beautiful bride and groom can say their vows against a backdrop of living flowers and lush plants. It will truly make for a magical moment.

These are just three ways to incorporate a vertical garden wall at your next client wedding. The beauty of using a living wall is that you can work with your couple to choose the flowers, colors, and landscaping design that they want. Also, a living wall rental can be moved, which means you can actually use the living wall for multiple purposes throughout the ceremony. If you’re ready to say, “I do,” to a vertical garden wall for your next client wedding in San Diego, Orange County, or Los Angeles, contact TrueVert Vertical Garden Solutions today.

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